Invited talks (a selection)

Invitation as key note speaker to the doctoral school “
Language, Ethnography and Activism”, organized by Dr. Miguel Pérez-Milans and Dr. Alfonso Del Percio, Department of Education, University College London: “Critical ethnography”.


Invitation as key note speaker to the Summer School “Vocational Integration in Post-Migrant Society”, organized by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Funke & Dr. Sara Hägi-Mead, Zentrum für Integrationsforschung, TU Dresden: “Discourses of Integration: Languages, Skills and Professional Integration”.


Guest lecture at the Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan, University of Oslo: “
How to be “exotic” in Europe: a sociolinguistic ethnography in Thai massage studios”.


Invitation by Dr. Niku Dorostkar: High School, Vienna. “Dialect and Kindergarten Education: Language policies, language ideologies” (in German).


Invitation by Prof. Dr. Christiane Hohenstein: MA-Seminar, Department of Interpretation Studies, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW): “Migration and environment: a discursive approach” (in German).


Österreichische Linguistiktagung, Vienna, Austria: “Sprachnachweis Schweiz” (invited talk) in the panel: “Netzwerk Sprachenrechte”.


Invitation by Prof. em. Dr. Iwar Werlen: LINEE+ General Assembly, University of Basel: “The regulation of integration in Basel: a critical sociolinguistic perspective”.


Invitation by Prof. Dr. Brigitta Busch: Arbeitskreis Migrationsforschung, Institut für Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Wien: “Integration im sprachpolitischen Spannungsfeld der Schweiz” (in German).

Conference presentations (a selection)

International Symposium on Bilingualism 11 (ISB11), Limerick, Ireland. “
Bilingual competences as a condition for commodification: an ethnography of Thai massage studios in Vienna“, in the invited panel: Bilingualism and Commodification: Taking stock and moving forward“, organised by Prof. Helen Kelly-Holmes.


Sociolinguistics Symposium 21 (SS21), Murcia, Spain. “The institutional management of language competences in the context of unemployment: A case study“ (with Dr. Renata Coray) in the panel “Local, nation-state and international linguistic regimes at the crossroads: Transnational trajectories of language world workers in globalised labour spaces“.


AAAL 2016 (American Association for Applied Linguistics, Orlando, USA: “
On the commodification of the “exotic” and its limits: a theoretical approach” in the panel: “Exploring the limits of language commodification: Changing regimes of value in space and time”, organised by Dr. Sebastian Muth.


The Sociolinguistics of Globalization, Hong Kong: “The management of a multilingual workforce: an ethnography of a Swiss call centre” in the panel: “Virtual workplace talk”, organised by Dr. Johanna Woydack.


Sociolinguistics Symposium 20 (SS20), Jyväskylä, Finland: “On the negotiation of desirability: Foreign workers in the Swiss labour market” in the panel: “The Desire for Mobility and Multilingualism: Between Public Discourse and Subjective Agency”, organised by Dr. des Martina Zimmermann.



AAA Annual Meeting 2013 (AAA), Chicago, USA: “Language and integration: Dissecting a political discourse” in the panel co-organized with Shirley Yeung: “Discourses of Integration: Language, Skills, and the Politics of Difference”.


AAAL 2013 (American Association for Applied Linguistics), Dallas, USA: “Win-Win?! Language regulation for competitiveness in universities” (with Martina Zimmermann) in the panel co-organized with Dr. Alfonso Del Percio: “Neoliberalism Linguistically Applied”.


Colloquium “La construction discursive du ‘locuteur francophone’ en milieu minoritaire. Problématiques, méthodes et enjeux”, Moncton, Canada: “’La langue’ comme clé de l’intégration: L’effacement discursive du plurilinguisme suisse dans les débats politiques”.


Vals-Asla Colloquium 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland: “Eine Stadt der Kommunikation? Urbane Mehrsprachigkeit als Wirtschaftsstrategie” (with Prof. Alexandre Duchêne ) in the panel: “Représentations, gestion et pratiques de la diversité linguistique dans des entreprises européennes”.


LINEE Closing Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia: “Language policy-planning and discourse analysis: Some theoretical considerations” (with Dr Patrick Studer, Dr Vitek Dovalil, Dr Felicia Kreiselmaier and Dr Niku Dorostkar).


42nd Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE42), Lisbon, Portugal: “Languages as the key to integration? The ideological role of diglossia in German-speaking Switzerland” in the panel: “Ideological conceptualisations of language in discourses of linguistic diversity”.


36. Österreichische Linguistiktagung (ÖLT), Vienna, Austria: “Discourses on multilingualism: Österreichische und Schweizer Mehrsprachigkeitsdiskurse im Kontext europäischer Sprachenpolitik” (with Dr Niku Dorostkar) in the verbal panel: “DYLAN meets LINEE – Aspekte der Mehrsprachigkeit in Europa”.


18th International Congress of Linguists (CIL18), Seoul, South Korea: “Language policy and planning and the interactive ‚turn’” (with Dr Patrick Studer and Dr Felicia Kreiselmaier).

Organised conference panels (a selection)

Österreichische Linguistiktagung (ÖLT), Klagenfurt, Austria. Panel with Univ.-Doz. Dr. Brigitta Busch: “Einschluss/Ausschluss – Perspektiven der Angewandten Sprachwissenschaft”. Discussant: Dr. Martina Zimmermann, PH Luzern.


International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB11), Limerick, Ireland. Panel with Kamilla Kraft: “
Multilingualism, work, and integration: between emancipation and stratification”. Discussant: Prof. Cécile Vigouroux, Simon Fraser University.


Österreichische Linguistiktagung (ÖLT), Graz, Austria. Panel with Prof. Jürgen Spitzmüller and Christian Bendl: “Soziale Positionierung als sprachliche Praxis: theoretische Konzepte und methodische Zugänge”.


Sociolinguistics Symposium 21 (SS21), Murcia, Spain. Panel with Dr. Beatriz Lorente: “Language practices and the (re)production of the ‘Other’”


Vals-Asla Colloquium 2016, Geneva, Switzerland. Panel with Dr. Alfonso Del Percio: “Marketing Multilingual Switzerland”.

AAA Annual Meeting 2013 (American Anthropological Association), Chicago, USA. Panel with Shirley Yeung: “Discourses of Integration: Language, Skills, and the Politics of Difference”.
Discussant: Prof. Bonnie McElhinny, University of Toronto.


Congrès International Réseau Francophone de Sociolinguistique, Corti, Corsica. Panel with Dr Alfonso Del Percio: “La capitalisation du francais: sous quelles conditions et pour qui?”
Discussant: Prof. Monica Heller, University of Toronto.


AAAL 2013 (American Association for Applied Linguistics), Dallas, USA. Panel with Dr Alfonso Del Percio: “Neoliberalism Linguistically Applied”. Discussants: Prof. Luisa Martín Rojo, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid & Prof. Aneta Pavlenko, Temple University.


Sociolinguistics Symposium 19 (SS19), Berlin, Deutschland. Panel with Dr Alfonso Del Percio and Prof. Alexandre Duchêne: “The legitimate speaker in a transforming political economy”. Discussant: Prof. Susan Gal, University of Chicago.


Vals-Asla Colloquium 2012, Lausanne.
Double panel with Prof. Alexandre Duchêne: “Le plurilinguisme comme capital? Langues et nouvelle économie globalise” & “Le plurilinguisme comme capital? Langues et locuteurs minoritaires à l'épreuve de la mondialisation”.