Mi-Cha Flubacher

I am a post doc assistant in Applied Linguistics at the Department of Linguistics, University of Vienna, Austria.

In my research projects, I have always been concerned with questions of social inequality and social exclusion through language. The focus is thereby not so much on a specific language but rather on the ideologies, practices, and discourses associated with certain languages and their varieties – in short, the question of the extent to which and the consequences with which language or language competences are invested with social and political meanings. My interest finds articulation in sociolinguistic research on the labor market (multilingual work environments, unemployment, migrant economies) and the education system (German as a second language and vocational training, heritage language instruction, multilingual forms of schooling). In short: critical sociolinguistics is my intellectual 'engine' and epistemological home. 

Before coming to Vienna in 2016, I was a researcher at the Institute for Multilingualism, University of Fribourg, Switzerland and obtained my doctorate in sociolinguistics at the Department of Linguistics, University of Bern, Switzerland in 2013. In my thesis I analyzed discourses on integration and their focus on language in Switzerland from a critical Foucauldian perspective. 



Dr. Mi-Cha Flubacher

Institute of Linguistics, University of Vienna
Postdoc University Assistant in Applied Linguistics
Sensengasse 3a
1090 Vienna, Austria



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