Confidence-building Measures: Application guidelines

Application for support for a project

1. Who can apply?

Non-governmental bodies in general, local and regional authorities, media, and educational establishments.

2. Selection criteria

The objectives of the project should:

  • foster relations between majority and minority groups in the above-mentioned fields
  • promote mutual acquaintance and peaceful co-existence between minorities and the majority
  • facilitate intercultural learning, education for human rights, tolerance and democratic citizenship
  • provide opportunities for people from different communities to work together towards a common objective

The activities should:

  • seek to realise the objectives of the project
  • be concrete and practical (seminars, workshops, training courses, television or radio programmes, etc)
  • take place within the actual areas where the majority-minority problems are to be addressed

In addition, the projects must not exceed 12 months in duration and the applications must be submitted in English or French. In principle, personnel costs are not funded, with the possible exception of expenses strictly related to the activity concerned.
The CBM Programme does not fund research and publications, nor expenses arising outside of the actual implementation area or exhibitions or festivals.

3. Activity report and financial report

Project managers are required to submit an activity report and a financial report with each request for payment. The final activity and financial reports should be submitted to the Secretariat of the Confidence-building Measures Programme within one month of the completion of the project. These reports are an essential link between the project managers and the Confidence-building Measures Programme and should give details of all the activities implemented. They must therefore be thorough and accurate. Each activity report should summarise the activities carried out and include:

  • the title of the activity
  • a description of the activity
  • the date and place of the activity
  • the number and type of participants
  • details of media coverage

After each individual activity (e.g. seminar, conference, TV/radio programme) supported by the Council of Europe, project managers should submit the following information:

  • date, place and name of the event
  • list of participants, key speakers (function) and programme
  • narrative report covering all the topics discussed and statements made
  • copies of the findings or speeches of experts, if fees were paid

The financial reports must follow the plan of the budgets approved, using the same order of expenses, the same headings, the same currency and the same numbering system.
Managers of projects that receive voluntary contributions from member states are specifically required to provide the Council of Europe regularly with progress reports on projects. This will enable the Secretariat of the Confidence-building Measures Programme to report to the donor countries at their request.

4. Management of applications

The Secretariat of the Confidence-building Measures Programme in the Council of Europe's Directorate General of Political Affairs receives the applications for funding and makes a preliminary selection on the basis of the above-mentioned criteria. It consults the various directorates concerned and the Council of Europe?s outside offices regarding projects that fall within their areas of competence. If the Programme Secretariat reaches a positive conclusion after analysing the application, the project is submitted to the Steering Group, consisting of Permanent Representatives of the member States of the Council of Europe, which meets twice a year. The role of the Council of Europe is not confined to providing the necessary funding for projects. The Secretariat of the Confidence-building Measures Programme monitors the progress of projects through ongoing dialogue with the project managers. If need be, it can help them to resolve any problems that may arise.

Once a project has been approved, no changes may be made to either the activities or the budget without the prior written approval of the Secretariat, which may only be granted in exceptional cases.

Model application form

A. Identity data

  • Title:
  • Starting date:
  • Duration in months: (maximum 12 months)
  • Geographical coverage:
  • Project site:
  • Project language:
  • Executing agency: (Only one agency responsible for the overall administrative and financial management of the project should be indicated)

  • Name:
  • Contact person:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Fax:
  • E-mail:

  • Other participating agencies:
  • Financing from other sources:

B. Content

  • Brief summary:
  • Objectives: (no more than 3 main objectives)
  • Programme of activities: (which should be detailed and exhaustive)
  • Main target group(s):

  • Detailed budget estimate (in EUROs):

  • Monitoring: (please indicate the details you intend including in the activity reports to be submitted with the financial report accompanying each request for payment, see section 3 above)

  • Evaluation: (the project manager must indicate how he/she intends to evaluate the project, e.g. survey, poll, questionnaire, publication of articles, interview)


Applications can be sent directly to the Council of Europe: 

Confidence-building Measures Programme
Directorate General of Political Affairs
Council of Europe
F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)3 88 41 24 70
Fax: +33 (0)3 88 41 37 81

The Centre for Intercultural Studies can however be contacted for advice in any stage of the project preparation.