Mehrsprachigkeit und Resilienz – transdisziplinäre explorative Pilotstudie

A cooperation between the Department of Linguistics / University of Vienna (Brigitta Busch) and the Department for Adult Psychiatry / Tulln (Martin Aigner) with Luise Reddemann, Psychotraumatology and psychological medicine, to understand multilingualism as a factor of resilience in persons with traumatic experience.

Lust auf Sprachen: Mehrsprachige Sendungsideen und Übungen

Let’s make Multilingual Community Radio for multilingual speakers: This contribution presents a ‘guide to multilingual broadcasting’ including a short historical summary, theoretical backgrounds to language and society and simple recipes to start out doing programs in several languages. Always according to your resources and your ideas!

ESPRIS - Emanzipatory language learning in the Salzkammergut region

The project gives insights into heteroglossic realities in rural areas, it tells the stories of everyday life and talks of challenges and how individuals and societies work out strategies to cope.
ESPRIS gibt Einblicke in mehrsprachige Realitäten im ländlichen Raum, erzählt Alltagsgeschichten und zeigt Herausforderungen und sehr individuelle und gesellschaftliche Strategien, damit umzugehen.