CBM projects: KulturKontakt Austria

KulturKontakt Austria initiates bilateral and pan-European collaborative projects between the East and West in the field of training and encourages the exchange of information relating to training policy. In the training programmes KulturKontakt works under contract to and with the help of the Federal Ministry of education and cultural Affairs.

KulturKontakt runs the following programmes in the field of education

  • European Projects

    Support for contacts in the field of training as well as for bilateral or multilateral projects in Central and Eastern Europe, bearing in mind plans for European integration. In addition to supplying expertise KulturKontakt also provides direct aid for some of the countries in transition.

  • Vocational Training

    Support for vocational training in the countries in transition, pilot projects. International programmes, e.g. with the European Training Foundation.

  • Civic Education

    Organization of seminars, courses of in-service training and conferences on the subjects of democracy, history and cultural relations.

  • Languages for Europe

    Tailor-made facilities provided in the field of foreign language training, particularly German as a foreign language, Austrian cultural studies.

  • Education Management

    Pilot projects in the fields of school organizational development, educational planning, ensuring quality and innovation.

  • Conferences

    Conferences and seminars for experts from the East and West: exchange of experience at the bilateral and multilateral levels.

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