projects: Supplementary Teaching Material for Citizenship Education

Development of Supplementary Teaching Material for Citizenship Education (Bosnia-Herzegovina)


The project aims at producing supplementary teaching material on citizenship education and democracy learning (students' handbooks and teachers' guidelines), which can be used by all three ethnicities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and is produced by Bosniac, Serb and Croat teachers and teacher trainers. The production of the teaching material is carried out by a local working group of 25 persons. The production is based on topics and methodological strategies, worked out during seven seminars, which are held by Austrian trainers, who are experts in the field of intercultural learning and project work. A study trip to Vienna acquainted the participants with the Austrian school system and projects focussing on new learning culture. The supplementary teaching material is based to a large extent on a selection of texts - literary texts as well as non -literary texts such as newspaper cuttings, advertisements etc. All texts are reproduced in their original version and reflect thus the multitude of codes and means of expression present in Bosnia and Herzegovina at different moments.

The teaching material can be downloaded at

The project is financed by the Austrian Federal Chancellery and coordinated by the NGO