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These resources were collected around the workshop Language and Trauma in Essen/Germany, in March 2023. Feel free to suggest additions by writing to judith.purkarthofer (at)

Books and Special Issues

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Brizic, K. (2022) Der Klang der Ungleichheit. Biografie, Bildung und Zusammenhalt in der vielsprachigen Gesellschaft. [The Sound of Inequality. Biography, Education and Cohesion in the Multilingual Society] WAXMANN (Open access) DOI: 10.31244/9783830995944 *Keywords: Forced migration , persecution , lesser researched communities (e.g. Roma and Sinti) as speaking subjects , Voice , poetic dimension , particularly high multilingualism , resistance from the margins , equity*

Busch, Brigitta, Tim McNamara,(2020) Special Issue: Language and Trauma: An Introduction, Applied Linguistics, Volume 41, Issue 3, June 2020, Pages 323–333,

Costa, B. (2020) Other Tongues ─ psychological therapies in a multilingual world. A guide for qualified practitioners, trainers and supervisors. Monmouth. PCCS Books.

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Lechner, Elsa; Capinha, Graça; Keating, Clara (orgs.) (2020), EM migração, EM português: exílios, retornos e colonizações. Coimbra: Almedina

Olko, J., & Sallabank, J. (Eds.). (2021). Revitalizing Endangered Languages. Cambridge.




Papers and Chapters

Brizic K., Bulut N., Șimșek Y. & Blaschitz V. (2022) Mündliche Literatur. [Oral Literature] IN: SPRACHARBEIT MIT GEFLÜCHTETEN (Open access) DOI: 10.3726/B19582 *Keywords: Forced migration , narrative , poetic dimension , oral poetry , educational equity*

Brizic K., Șimșek Y. & Bulut N. (2021) Ah, our village was beautiful. Towards a Critical Social Linguistics in times of migration and war. THE MOUTH. CRITICAL JOURNAL OF LANGUAGE, CULTURE & SOCIETY 8. (Open access) *Keywords: Forced migration , resulting language regimes , trauma-influenced narratives , Voice , poetic dimension , resistance*

Busch, Brigitta (2016) Regaining a place from which to speak and to be heard: in search of a response to the “violence of voicelessness”. Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics PLUS 46, 317–330.

Busch, Brigitta (2016). Sprachliche Verletzung, verletzte Sprache: Über den Zusammenhang von traumatischem Erleben und Spracherleben. Osnabrücker Beiträge zur Sprachtheorie (OBST) 89, 85–108.

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Kosatica M (forthcoming) The walls of peril: Belligerent symbolics of post-war murals in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In: Buchstaller I, Fabiszak M and Ross MA (eds) Time-space (dis-)continuities in the LL: Studies in the symbolic (re-)appropriation of public space. Elysse.

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